Friday, June 7, 2013

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE 2013! What We Are Looking Forward To...

It's our faaaaavorite timeeeee of the yearrrrr! FRINGE TIME.

Sadly, LNM! does not have a show in the Fringe this year, but tons of incredibly talented artists do and we would like to offer you our humble recommendations for shows to see and things we are looking forward to this year:

1) The fun, quick, and biting social commentary #hashtag brought to you by The Mechanical Heart. Our very own Dana Murphy (LNM! Co-Artistic Director), Leland Montgomery (LNM! Resident Designer), and Spencer Howard (Making Love Over There, The Voice) were involved in the collaborative process that brought this piece together and the ensemble is super eager to share it with YOU! Please keep your phones ON for this performance.

2) All of the wonderful programming that our Managing Director Meghan McCauley is doing as Outreach Director for the Hollywood Fringe Festival itself. Especially Fringe Family, which offers 100% free performances, workshops, and activities for families and their children every single Sunday during the Festival. There will be Fringe artists and friends of the Fringe - not only should you check it out, but you should get involved!

3) It's Important to Leave, As Well brought to you by the bright young company, Will Play For Food. These guys put so much heart into all of the work that they do (they brought us The Nina Variations at last year's Fringe) and we are super eager to see what they have come up with when working on a new play instead of a pre-existing text. It is sure to have energy, depth, and a whole lot of spirit.

4) Shel Silverstein's epic poem The Devil and Billy Markham, brought to life by Aaron Lyons and the Zenith Ensemble Team. The phrase that comes to my mind when I think of Zenith Ensemble is "a fire in the belly". They work they create is fierce and unapologetic. It hits you in the gut. Plus this one has a live band. Who could ask for more? 

5) LNM! ensemble member Ariana Hodes is putting up a new play called And In This Corner...A Love Story and we can't wait to see what crazy things have come our of her wonderful and creative brain. From the description on the page, it seems like it's gonna be pretty rad.

And of course...

6) LOST MOON RADIO PRESENTS: Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium brought to you by (obviously) the wonderful team at Lost Moon Radio


7) Me Rich, You Learn brought to you by the fantastic Four Clowns ensemble

Lost Moon Radio and Four Clowns are Hollywood Fringe Festival staples and they never disappoint. These shows are sure to be just as hilarious and surprisingly insightful as last years, and the years before that!

Of course, besides these, there are TONS of wonderful shows to see and you should do some snooping around for yourself on the Hollywood Fringe website ( and pick out the ones that look interesting to you!