Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet: Spencer Howard- The Voice

Spencer Howard is thrilled to be working with Lonesome No More! Theatre again after last year's production of Woyzeck, in which he played The Doctor. This is Spencer's third year with the Hollywood Fringe Festival, previously appearing as The Lobster Man in Cowboy Mouth and as another Voice in Pagan Play. He graduated with many fellow LNM!T members from UC San Diego, where he studied acting, wrote plays, did pratfalls, and curated the Undergraduate New Play Festival for two years. Spencer also finds work as a filmmaker, editor, graphic designer, writer, physical comedian, and most recently an associate producer on new show for the Lifetime network. His work with his sketch comedy group Interrobang Ltd. can be found at

Spencer's soothing vocals will be coming from the megaphone nearest you in our latest production, Making Love Over There at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. We love us some Spencer Howard!

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