Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REVIEWS: Praise for Preview!

We have been getting some great responses about our preview performance of Spring Awakening this past Thursday, June 9th so we wanted to share some of it with you!

"About thirty minutes into Spring Awakening, it seemed a possibility that this would
be THE show to talk about at the Fringe. Directors Dana Murphy and Patrick Riley used every inc
h of The Complex Hollywood’s Ruby Theatre, including the aisles and backstage;
the staging simply blazed with imagination and wonder. There was a palpable sense of excitement in the theatre...Patrick Riley and Jennifer Allcott lead an enthusiastic, unbridled and passionate cast." -Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema/ LA Bitter Lemons

"Lonesome No More does an outstanding job in bringing this piece to life with a vibrant, youthful energy and passion. Daring and edgy, the cast takes you on a ride as you witness the painful loss of innocence, made all the more tragic because of the older generation’s fear and shame of their own human nature. Don’t miss this show." -Gregory Crafts, Managing Director of LA company Theatre Unleashed

"Have you ever seen a production where the positive energy and passion of the cast made it impossible not to enjoy their performance? Lonesome No More’s production of Spring Awakening has energy and passion in spades." -Adam Emperor Southard, Playwright, Composer and Producer of the new musical GROUP also playing at the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival

"full of fantastic actors that hit every note... Not one character in this play is a hero or a villain – it’s almost as if we are just watching a documentary on human nature... Go see this now, with the power of a thousand Gods." -Bryy Miller, Fringe 2010 Participant

We also got some wonderful constructive criticism from Tony Frankel that we appreciate and will take into consideration as we go into the official run of the show. One suggestion that particularly held our attention was this:

"As is sometimes the case with youthful companies, mania replaces subtlety; fresh exhuberance is exciting at first, but too much high energy or creative choices can be lulling to our senses...The directors are encouraged to keep up the wonderful staging; now they must dig into their work internally as much as they do externally." -Tony Frankel

We can't think of anything we would rather do as we move forward with the developement of the production!

If you would like to see these reviews in more detail, or purchase tickets to the show (they are going fast!), feel free to visit our HFF project page at:

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