Monday, June 6, 2011

Fringe Friends: Coeurage Theatre and "The Trouble With Words"

June is upon us, and with it comes the event we've all been waiting for: The Hollywood Fringe Festival! Leading up to the festival, we will be featuring our "Fringe Friends" - other companies and shows participating in this year's Hollywood Fringe that we have had the privilege to get to know over the past year.

We're starting "Fringe Friends" with Coeurage Theatre's Communications Director, Gedaly Guberek. Coeurage Theatre, who had a very successful run in the 2010 Hollywood Fringe Festival, is presenting a new musical "The Trouble With Words" at the Actor's Circle Theater June 10 - 25.

Lonesome No More!: Tell us about your show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.
Gedaly Guberek: The Trouble With Words is a World Premier Musical by Gregory Nabours. It is a song cycle, much like Jason Robert Brown's "Songs For  A New World," where the show doesn't follow one plot, but each song is its own independent story. It is a play that explores people's relationship with each other and the words they use to communicate. 

LNM: What inspired you to create a new musical (or song cycle) for the Fringe? 
GG: Greg had been working on the piece for a while. This year for fringe we wanted to do something new and unique, the Festival of New American Musicals is happening, and the show needed a production. The timing was just right.

LNM: What are the challenges presented there that are not presented with a straight show?
GG: It's a whole different set of skills to put on a musical for both the cast, crew, and company staff. There's time to be scheduled for music rehearsals, finding studio space for dance rehearsals, sound and acoustic issues to take care of in the theatre... oh, and the fact that there's a band. There's just a lot more people and resources involved so it's trickier to coordinate.

LNM: Coeurage Theatre also participated in the 2010 Hollywood Fringe. Can you tell as a bit about what the last year's been like for you between the two Fringes?
GG: I feel like last year's Fringe served as a big springboard for us. It really help the company learn about the community and vice versa. The quality of work improved because of that... and we did a lot of work. We produced 2 shows at last year's festival. Between then and now we have produced 7 shows, moved to a new theatre, built a new website, and many other steps to move the company forward. I think this summer will be another springboard for the company to progress further.

LNM: What advice would you give a first-time Fringer?
GG: Connect: Meet everyone, see everyone's show, hang out at fringe central all the time, hand out your flyers to everyone you meet, make new friends. 

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