Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet: Jennifer Allcott

Jennifer Allcott is a wide-eyed California native, with the nature to be passionate about everything she does. And Spring Awakening is no exception. She's delighted to be working with so many familiar faces from the UCSC Theater Department, including Patrick who has directed her before as Jill Mason in his 2007 production of EquusShe's played a diverse spectrum of roles, from a waltzing and singing Princess of Veracity in SSC's Winter Production of The Princess and the Pea to a washed-up alcoholic folk singer MaryJoe in a UCSC production of A Piece of My Heart. After graduating with a B.A. in Theater and Psychology, interning and acting in the Shakespeare Santa Cruz Summer festival, backpacking around Europe for 9 months, and finally moving to LA, Jennifer is beyond elated to be starting this new chapter of her acting career--and her LIFE! She believes in this play with her whole heart, and is having the most exhilarating time remembering how beautifully confusing it was to be fourteen: when you're too young to be adult, too old to be a child, and too curious for your own good.

Jennifer is playing Wendla Bergmann in Lonesome No More's production of Spring Awakening.

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