Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fundraising for Hollywood Fringe!

One of the biggest hurdles that all artists face is that of funding - it's no surprise nor secret that it is difficult to raise money for the arts, and even more difficult for those who choose to produce it themselves. When creating a piece of theatre, there are the costs of costumes, sets, and props. There is theatre and rehearsal space to rent or find, rights to purchase, programs to print, and much more.

Arts festivals, like the Hollywood Fringe, are incredible opportunities for artists like us to meet like-minded creators, show our work, foster community, and reach out to wider audiences than we'd be able to create on our own. We're pooling our own resources and getting creative, cooking up some fun fundraising ideas, and we are also looking to ask you - our community - for your support.

You can donate directly and safely to Lonesome No More through Pay Pal, and every single donation is a huge help! Every donor will be listed in our program and receive a special thank you gift from the entire company. There are several different levels we've set up, with some examples about what goal your donation could help us reach:

Patron ($0-$49)
$10 Could provide us with 20 postcards to be able to advertise our show around Los Angeles (of which we need 1,000!)
$25 Could create 100 promotional Spring Awakening buttons with our logo and show info.

Benefactor ($50-$149)
$50 Could provide the costumes for two of our adult characters.
$100 Could pay for one week of our rental fees for rehearsal space!

Sponsor ($150-$399)
$150 Could pay our incredible mask designer, Lori Petermann for her mask-making materials.
$300 Could pay for ALL of the promotional materials needed to get the word out and fill our houses!

Associate Producer ($400-$999)
$400 Could pay for the rights needed to have the permission to use this wonderful play.
$850 Could pay for all of our rehearsal rental time plus the cost of box office personnel.

Executive Producer ($1,000+)
$1,050 Could pay the theatre rental fees for ALL of our performances at The Complex Theatres (The Ruby Theatre) during the Fringe.

Thank you so much for reading! Your support - whether monetary or not - truly does mean the world to every member of this company, and we are already so grateful for what we've seen so far. We can't wait until June to show you what we have created.

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